Special Guest

Connor Heaney

Connor Heaney is the Collections Manager for the Ray and Diana Harryhausen Foundation, and deals with the day-to-day care of Ray's archive. His responsibilities include the cataloguing, digitisation and conservation of the collection, as well as ensuring awareness of Ray's work and legacy through worldwide exhibitions and events. Alongside administering and managing the Foundation's physical archive and database, Connor is responsible for promoting Ray Harryhausen’s life and creations through social media. He co-hosts ‘The Ray Harryhausen Podcast’ alongside trustee John Walsh. Connor has spoken about Ray and the collection at screenings, exhibitions and conventions across the world, including San Diego Comic Con and 2017’s ‘Mythical Menagerie’ exhibit at the Science Museum Oklahoma.

Vanessa Harryhausen

Vanessa is the daughter of Ray and Diana Harryhausen, and is now proud to be a trustee of the Foundation responsible for maintaining her father’s collection and legacy. Vanessa was present on the set of all of her father’s films from ‘The Valley of Gwangi’ onwards, and has many fond memories of watching Ray working on set and in his workshop at home. Her unique perspective on her father’s creative processes will fascinate Harryhausen fans, having grown up in a home packed full of his legendary creatures!


Vanessa is now passionate about ensuring that the Foundation’s incredible collection is preserved and restored for future generations to enjoy. She has assisted with the cataloguing of his many models, artworks and posters, as we count down to Ray’s centenary in June 2020. The opportunity to hear Vanessa’s many recollections of her extraordinary father and his lasting legacy, alongside unique imagery from the Foundation’s archive, will be a must-attend event for cinema fans everywhere.

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Coming August 23-25, 2019 to the Balboa Theater! Check back for news on this and other upcoming shows! Sign up for our mailing list at the contact tab for updates on this and all our events! See the event page on Facebook!


Bay Area Film Events and Cinema SF present Dynamation Celebration! The Films of Ray Harryhausen, coming March 1-3, 2019 to the Historic Balboa Theater in San Francisco!
Three days of movies from the master of stop motion special effects. See below for a list of films we are showing!


Special Friday night Meet and Greet to benefit the Ray and Diana Harryhausen Foundation. Stay tuned here and on our Facebook Page for more information as it becomes available!


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