GF_Special Event

Our main show will be back at the Balboa in August 2021 as KING KONG CRASHES GODZILLAFEST! Stay tuned for details!

Movie theaters are back and so is Bay Area Film Events!

Join us for the reopening of the Balboa Theater on the weekend of May 14-16 as we present 10 different movies featuring Godzilla, his friends and foes.

We will also be celebrating the 60th anniversary of Mothra and the 50th anniversary of Godzilla vs Hedorah (the Smog Monster).

Vendors,  Prizes and more!

Individual movie tickets will be sold to control seating for Covid restrictions. Theater will be sanitized between films.



Friday May 14:

Theater 1 (The Big Theater)

3pm:  GODZILLA (1954)  (96 min)
7pm:  MOTHRA (1961)  (101 min)

Theater 2

4pm:  GODZILLA VS HEDORAH (1971)  (85 min)
8pm:  GODZILLA VS GIGAN (1972)  (89 min)

Saturday May 15:

Theater 1

11am:  ALL MONSTERS ATTACK (1969) (69 min) (Kid's movie)
3pm:  MOTHRA VS GODZILLA (1964)  (89 min)
7pm:  THE X FROM OUTER SPACE (1967)  (88 min)

Theater 2

Noon:  GODZILLA VS MECHAGODZILLA (1974)  (84 min)
4pm:  EBIRAH, HORROR OF THE DEEP (1966)  (86 min)
8pm:  DESTROY ALL MONSTERS (1968)  (89 min)

Sunday May 16:

Theater 1

2pm:  MOTHRA (1961)  (101 min)
6pm:  MOTHRA VS GODZILLA (1964)  (89 min)

Theater 2

1pm:  GODZILLA VS GIGAN (1972) (89 min)
5pm:  GODZILLA VS HEDORAH (1971)  (85 min)