Kaiju Legion
Nick Pino

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"Nick Pino is a San Francisco Bay Area based cartoonist, freelance illustrator and writer; Self publishing comics and being featured at various exhibitions since 2012. His work regularly consists of saturation soaked cartoon monsters, mutants and madness and the unfortunate worlds they inhabit."

Alameda based, but New Jersey born and raised Nick Shev is currently the Art Director of a national souvenir company but when he's not at work illustrating coloring books or collaborating with a team to design the next big thing in extendable back scratchers, you can find him at home glued to his Wacom Cintiq illustrating monsters and critters with aplomb. He has forgotten more about Godzilla than most people will ever know, and outside of his deep love for monsters he enjoys all things pop culture and regularly draws inspiration from trending topics and designs so that he can always stay fresh and current in his work.

Kaiju Legion: KAIJULEGION.COM is your trusted source for vintage and modern Japanese toys and collectibles. Exclusive custom painted sofubi by artist James C. Osborne.




I first started selling used Games and Painted Tabletop Miniatures in the mid eighties at Role Playing Game Conventions, and then moved up to selling at Antique and Toy shows. I didn't really focus on any particular 
types of toys at that time, but mostly model kits, boardgames and many different kinds of toys. It wasn't 
until I started selling extra Godzilla toys to friends, and still selling at small conventions that I applied for 
my first resale license in 1995. The rest is history, I started selling at more shows, was invited to join the 
Bay Area Film Events Team in late 2003, and have been part of that group ever since. The name Kong's 
Cave of Collectibles was born during our King Kong vs Godzilla Anniversary Film Fest. Two slightly 
inebriated friends started calling me "Kong" at that show and it stuck.
At local toy conventions people recognize me as "The Godzilla Guy" and that my both always has a very 
good selection of Godzilla and other Monster products and some of the Best prices one can find. 

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