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Bay Area Film Events UltraFest Art Display


Bay Area Film Events is seeking artwork to display in the gallery room of the 4-Star Theatre in San Francisco. The gallery will be in place a week before UltraFest and remain for the duration of the show. Date of installation will be Monday, July 17. Artwork can be picked up at the end of the show on Sunday July 23 or the following day, Monday July 24. All artwork must be picked up during the theater’s regular operating hours. No exceptions will be made.

The theme of the display is ULTRAMAN. Art should be based on Ultraman and/or related characters, monsters, vehicles and actors. All art must be limited to a PG rating. Artwork with obscene or sexual themes will not be accepted. Decisions by Bay Area Film Events are final and not open to discussion.

Digital scan or photo of each piece of artwork must be submitted to Bay Area Film Events at bafilmevents@gmail.com by Monday July 10. We will reply with acceptance or denial of each piece. Due to limited space, not all artwork can be accepted. Denial of a piece of art is not a criticism of the quality or value of the artist’s work.

A.  Works selected will reflect the theme of Ultraman and related subjects above.

B.  Submitted works should reflect fresh and liberating interpretations of the artists' vision of the theme.

C.  Original artwork or prints are acceptable. Artwork must be original and created by the artist submitting.

D.  Digital files will not be accepted. All work must be physical media and ready to display.


1.  Bay Area Film Events’ decisions are final, and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the selection of pieces.

2.  Submissions from group collaborations (two persons or more) are welcome. Permission for display must be provided by all artists involved.

3.  Artists may submit a maximum number of 5 pieces to the selection panel.

4.  Work must be original to the artist and not copied from other content in any way.

5.  Because this show is official and has been negotiated with Ultraman creator Tsuburaya Productions, no sale of displayed art will be allowed during the show.

6.  While every endeavor will be made to keep the Art secure, any Insurance of the Art  Work will remain the responsibility of the Artist.

7.  All shipping/transportation costs and liabilities are the responsibility of the artist.

8.  Successful applicants will be required to supply the artwork to the 4-Star Theatre, 2200 Clement St. San Francisco, CA 94121 by or before Monday July 17. The theater can be contacted at 415-309-9240 for coordination of delivery or shipping of artwork.

10.  All artwork must be ready to hang / place, while the Exhibition Coordinator(s) will be responsible for the displaying of the piece. Neither the theater or Bay Area Film Events will be responsible for framing or mounting artwork.

11.  Bay Area Film Events reserves the right to not accept work based on size limitations and/or weight.

12.  Collection dates and times to be advised. Failure to do so will incur storage and transportation charges. Arrangements for packing and return of art are the responsibility of the artist. 

13.  Time Frame is to be strictly adhered to.

14.  Artist is not required to insure their art but must assume all risk of damage or theft.


All possible care is taken in handling and showing of artwork. Exhibitor understands and agrees that all entries are submitted at the owner’s risk. Neither Bay Area Film Events, nor The 4-Star Theatre will assume responsibility, for loss or damage to artwork(s), the loss or damage to frames or glass, no matter how sustained, or the sale of the artist’s artwork. Bay Area Film Events recommends that all exhibitioners obtain and carry their own insurance coverage.

​Exhibitor shall indemnify and hold Bay Area Film Events and The 4-Star Theater and its elected and appointed officers, agents, employees, and representatives harmless from any and all claims, costs, and liabilities for any personal injury, death, or property damage which is the result of the handling and showing of artwork at the Art Show, or of operations performed by Exhibitor, Exhibitor’s contractors, subcontractors, agents or employees, whether such operations were performed by Exhibitor or any of the Exhibitor’s contractors, subcontractors, agents or employees at the Art Show.